The Connection

Designed to help you spend time in three important areas: Praying, Reading the bible, and listening (whether in since or with worship music.) 15 mins a day, 5 times a week will change your life!

Prayer Path

This is an outline from a famous passage of scripture where Jesus peaks on prayer. Follow the path, allow Jesus' example to direct you, and make it personal!

SOAP Bible Journaling

SOAP is a method to go deeper and reflect/meditate on the word of God. Below is the Link to the App to download. It does require an account, but is accessible through the app and online. 

            SOAP App                                           SOAP WEB LINK                    SOAP Paper Version

StreetLights Audio Bible

This is an audio bible of people reading scripture, much like a spoken word with music backing. It follows the NLT (New Living Translation) of the Bible, which we use in youth. Below is a link to the NLT bible for you the read along with it.  Next to it is a link to the streetlights app.

Bible      Lightbulb   

Here is the Apple Music Link for those who want it...