Being a parent is tough, but it is one of the best and important mission fields that you have! You are going to be influencing every person that your child comes into contact with so I want to encourage you, you can do it! And we are here to help! Below are some resources that I find helpful, as well as some important information for parents to stay current with. 

Recommended Books/Materials


There are a lot of bibles out there... believe me I have 2 of each... Nothing will help your student as much as a great study bible. It will contain notes that help explain the passages and what is happening in the story. Below are links to two that I recommend. One is the NIV/Message and the other is NLT. These are simply diffenrt translations of the scripture. For more info on translations you can message me. 

NIV/Message Study

NLT Study Bible


This is a resource for you. Its a book on prayers that you can pray over and for your teenager. I have found it to be helpful in my prayer time for the students. I even pray it over my kids. I would encourage you as parent, this is a great resource for you to start praying for your kids... 

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Everyday I Pray for my Teen

Holy Spirit

This is a great book on helping your student to encounter the Holy Spirit. To learn to hear His voice in their life, to discover the power and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to hear and respond, in a practical and fun way for them.  

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The Holy Spirit is not a Bird...


This is a great devotional resource for students to encourage them to process with the word and grow deeper. It encourages them to press into God's word, to journal and devotionally read.  It also encourages prayer, along with the reading. 

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Life Journal

Stay informed...

In a world of apps and media throwing so much at you, it's important to know what is going on in your kid's lives. The best way is to stay connected with them, and have open and honest communication. 

Here are a few apps that we should be wary of or have an understanding of as your students are most likely using them or encountering them. 

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