Anxiety sucks. Unfortunately, anxiety is a reality we are living with. This plan is designed to help you understand that you aren’t alone, that there is hope, and that God wants you to have peace. Over the next seven days, we’re going on a journey through the Bible to discover how we can live with anxiety and, possibly, find relief and peace in the middle of it.

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Dangerously Influential

Influence is all around us. But with so many voices, how do we wisely choose who to listen to? In the same way, we’re called to become influential. But where do we start? In this 5-day Bible Plan, we’ll learn how dangerously influential the world can be, but also how we can become dangerously influential ourselves.

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How to Follow Jesus

We throw the word disciple around all the time. But do we really know what it means? And what does it really look like to follow Jesus in our lives every day—to actually be His disciple? If you want to really be a disciple of Jesus, then this Bible Plan is for you.

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Chase the Lion

 (Dreaming God sized dreams)

Our greatest regrets at the end of our lives will be the opportunities we left on the table, the passions we didn’t pursue, and the dreams we didn’t go after. Spend seven of your daily devotional times discovering your God-sized dream and finding the courage to chase it.

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Whisper (Hearing the Voice of God)

God speaks to His children today just as He did in Bible times—through Scripture, dreams, people, desires, pain. How do we discern what He is saying? How do we quiet our lives enough to hear the divine whispers that draw us closer to Him? I pray this five-day devotional will inspire you to hear God’s voice of love in a new, life-changing way…as the whisper of a God who wants to hold you close.

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Dangerous Prayers

Are you tired of playing it safe with your faith? Are you ready to face your fears, build your faith, and unleash your potential? This 7-day Bible Plan from Life.Church Pastor Craig Groeschel’s book, Dangerous Prayers, dares you to pray dangerously—because following Jesus was never meant to be safe.

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The New Testament in 1 Year

This Plan will lead you through the New Testament in one year. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God's precious Word.

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